My own C# bindings for OpenGL and GLFW

So.. today I got a notification on GitHub to let me know that Arqan has been added to the list of bindings on For me this is very exciting news as this is the first time I advertised a project of mine. But I do understand if nothing of that makes sense to you. Therefore allow me to explain. Back when I started with OpenGL I learned it using Java and LJWGL, which was used during some lessons at school. Unfortunately, my old computer was not strong enough and most Java IDE's were too heavy. On top of that I come from a C# background so the switch to a whole new language was even a bigger challenge. And after struggling for a good while I had enough of it and moved back to C#. While it really felt satisfying to go back to the roots I know, it also introduced other challenges which I did not foresee.

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My very first article

Hi there and how nice of you to read this article. First of all I think it is awesome you found my website. Especially since I just, and I mean literally just published it. I used to have a website before which was located at but the webhost sucked and then I moved to Belgium so I decided to just get rid of it. Never bothered to look back. But anyways, as you will see this is just a basic website containing some basic information about who I am, what I do and my projects. Don't let yourself fooled by how empty it looks though.

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